Dato’ Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim (born August 10, 1947) is a Malaysian politician who served as Deputy Prime Minister from 1993 to 1998. Early in his career, he became a protégé of the Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, but subsequently emerged as the most prominent critic of Mahathir’s administration.

In 1999, he was sentenced in a highly controversial trial to six years in prison for corruption, and in 2000, to another nine years for alleged homosexual acts. However, in 2004, Malaysia’s highest court, the Federal Court reversed the second conviction and he was released. In July of 2008, he was arrested over allegations he sodomised a male aide.

Anwar is the only Malaysian to ever make it into Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world.[1] He is also one of the signatories of A Common Word Between Us and You, an open letter by Islamic scholars to Christian leaders, calling for peace and understanding.

Early years

Anwar was born in Cherok Tok Kun, a village on the mainland side of the northern Malaysian state of Penang, to a hospital porter, Ibrahim Abdul Rahman (later to join politics and retire as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health) and Che Yan, a housewife (and later UMNO politician). He was educated at University of Malaya, where he read Malay Studies. Prior to that, he took his secondary education at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

From 1968 to 1971, as a student, Anwar was the president of a Muslim students organisation, Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM). He was one of the protem committee of Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) or Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia which was founded in 1971. He was also elected President of the Malaysian Youth Council or Majlis Belia Malaysia (MBM). In 1974, Anwar was arrested during student protests against rural poverty and hunger. He was imprisoned under the Internal Security Act, which allows for detention without trial, and spent 20 months in the Kamunting Detention Centre for political prisoners.

Groomed for leadership

In 1968-1971, he was first groomed in the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students (Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia, PKPIM) as the president of the Union. He was very well known as one of the most prominent student movement leaders. In 1982, Anwar, who was the founding leader and second president of a youth Islamic organisation called Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM), shocked his liberal supporters by joining the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), led by Mahathir bin Mohamad, who became prime minister in 1981. He moved up the political ranks quickly: his first ministerial office was that of Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports in 1983; after that, he headed the agriculture ministry in 1984 before becoming Minister of Education in 1986. By then, speculation was rife about Anwar’s ascent to the Deputy Prime Minister’s position as it was a commonly-occurring phenomenon in Malaysia for the Education Minister to assume the position of Deputy PM in the near future.

During his tenure as Education Minister, Anwar introduced numerous pro-Malay policies in the national school curriculum. One of the major changes that he did was to rename the national language from Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Melayu. Non-Malays criticized this move as it would cause the younger generation to be detached from the national language, since they would attribute it to being something that belongs to the Malays and not to Malaysians.

U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen (right) meets with Anwar Ibrahim (left) in his Pentagon office.

U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen (right) meets with Anwar Ibrahim (left) in his Pentagon office.

In 1991 Anwar was appointed Minister of Finance. In 1993, he became Mahathir’s Deputy Prime Minister after winning the Deputy Presidency of UMNO against Ghafar Baba. Anwar was being groomed to succeed Mahathir as prime minister, and frequently alluded in public to his “son-father” relationship with Mahathir; in early 1997, Mahathir appointed Anwar to be acting Prime Minister while he took a two-month holiday. Towards the end of the 1990s, however, their relationship began to deteriorate, triggered by their conflicting views on governance. In Mahathir’s absence, Anwar had taken steps to improve the country’s governing mechanisms which were in direct conflict with Mahathir’s protectionist policies. Issues such as how Malaysia would respond to a financial crisis were often at the forefront of this conflict.

Anwar’s frontal attack against what he described as the widespread culture of nepotism and cronyism within UMNO (and the ruling coalition as a whole) angered Mahathir, as did his attempts to dismantle the protectionist policies that Mahathir had set up. “Cronyism” was identified by Anwar as a major cause of corruption and misappropriation of funds in the country. Mahathir retaliated by isolating Anwar within UMNO. The events of late-1998 marked the beginning of Anwar’s descent within UMNO and his subsequent ouster from the party and from Malaysian politics.

Financial crisis

During the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 Anwar, in his capacity as finance minister, supported the International Monetary Fund (IMF) plan for recovery, which meant a restructuring of the economy involving opening up to greater foreign investment and competition. He also instituted an austerity package that slashed government spending by 18%, cut ministerial salaries and deferred major investment projects. Large-scale infrastructure development projects known as “mega projects” were set back as well, despite being a cornerstone of Mahathir’s plans for developing the nation. These measures aroused bitter opposition from Mahathir.

Although many Malaysian companies faced the threat of bankruptcy, Anwar declared: “There is no question of any bailout. The banks will be allowed to protect themselves and the government will not interfere.” Anwar advocated a free market approach, sympathetic to foreign investment and trade liberalisation, whereas Mahathir favored currency and foreign investment controls, blaming unchecked speculation by currency speculators like George Soros for the shrinking economy.[citation needed] There is disagreement among economists whether Anwar’s policies would have been more or less successful than Mahathir’s; however, most denounced Mahathir’s hypothesis that George Soros was to blame. Economists proposed currency controls before the Malaysian currency, the ringgit, slid further, but their advice was not taken.[citation needed] By the time Mahathir decided to impose currency controls and preventive measures to keep hedge funds in check, the Malaysian economy had plummeted to its lowest level yet since the recession of the early-1980s.

In 1998 Newsweek magazine named Anwar the “Asian of the Year.” However, in that year, matters between Anwar and Mahathir came to a head around the time of the quadrennial UMNO General Assembly. The Youth wing of UMNO, headed by Anwar’s associate, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, gave notice that it would initiate a debate on “cronyism and nepotism”. The response was swift, as Mahathir issued lists of cronies who had benefited from government share allocations and privatisations. To the chagrin of Anwar and his allies, several of them were on the list, including Anwar and Zahid.

Anwar continued his assault on what he called the rampant corruption within Mahathir’s administration, by attempting to impose transparent audits on major conglomerates and business empires, which, he alleged, had been overcharging for government projects and evading taxes. One of the potential victims would have been Mahathir’s son, Mirzan Mahathir, who was a director in almost 100 private and Government-linked companies. Conglomerates that were closely linked to the government, such as Renong, would have been adversely affected as well.


At the UMNO General Assembly, a book, 50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Tidak Boleh Jadi PM (“50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister”) was circulated containing graphic sexual allegations as well as accusations of corruption against Anwar. This book carried the byline Khalid Jafri, an ex-editor of the government-controlled newspaper Utusan Malaysia and former editor-in-chief of a failed magazine, Harian National. Anwar obtained a court injunction to prevent further distribution of the book and filed a defamation action against the author. In August, police charged the author of the book with malicious publishing of false news. In September, the judge who had banned the book’s distribution was transferred to a lower court despite being a senior judge.

Among the allegations in the book was that Anwar is homosexual and a serial adulterer. The police were instructed to investigate the veracity of the claims. The author died in 2005 of complications from diabetes, but not before the High Court found that he had committed libel and awarded Anwar millions of ringgit in compensation.

Recently, the former deputy President of Anwar’s political party, Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, lambasted Anwar for his close ties to Paul Wolfowitz, the former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense and former president of the World Bank. In an interview with the BBC‘s Hardtalk after his release from prison, Anwar admitted to his friendship with Wolfowitz. This allegation has repercussions in Malays, who have been found to generally agree with the statement by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir, that the U.S.-led “war on terror” is actually a “war on Islam”.[2]

Trial and conviction

Anwar was fired from the Cabinet in September, amid police reports that he was under investigation. The following day, he was expelled from UMNO. Dr. Munawar Anees, Anwar’s former speechwriter, and Sukma Darmawan Sasmita Atmadja, Anwar’s adoptive brother, were arrested under suspicion of engaging in homosexual acts. Five days later, they were given a jail sentence of six months after pleading guilty to “unnatural sex” with Anwar. They later recanted their confessions, and appealed the sentence, claiming to have been coerced into pleading guilty. Anees made a statutory declaration to that effect.[3] Two of Anwar’s secretaries, Ezam Mohamad and Mohamad Azmin Ali, were both held separately as part of police investigations into the “50 reasons” book. Both were later released.

A few days later Anwar addressed a protest gathering of nearly 100,000 people in Kuala Lumpur, after which a number of his supporters marched to Mahathir’s then official residence demanding reformasi (economic and political reforms) and Mahathir’s resignation. This march, a rare event in Malaysia, caused concern in the government. That night, Anwar’s home was raided by a masked and armed SWAT team from the Royal Malaysian Police. His arrest was announced several hours later, as were those of several of Anwar’s supporters, although most of them were later released.

Charges of corruption and sodomy

Anwar Ibrahim being escorted by the police to the Federal Court of Malaysia on February 4, 2002, he was released from prison on September 2, 2004 after his conviction on sodomy was reversed.

Anwar Ibrahim being escorted by the police to the Federal Court of Malaysia on February 4, 2002, he was released from prison on September 2, 2004 after his conviction on sodomy was reversed.

On 29 September 1998 Anwar appeared in court and pleaded innocent to charges of corruption and sodomy. A photo of Anwar with a black eye (which he incurred from a beating, while handcuffed and blindfolded, by then Inspector General of Police Rahim Noor) and one hand raised became a symbol of the political opposition in many reformasi posters.

The black eye was explained by Mahathir Mohamad and Rahim Noor as being “self-inflicted” and caused by “pressing a glass over his eyes”. Only after a Royal Commission was convened did Rahim Noor admit that he had administered the beating to Anwar. Both Anwar and Rahim Noor have denied the allegations that Anwar was sodomised in prison to “plant” the forensic evidence of anal sex.

During the trial, a mattress was presented to court, supposedly stained with Anwar’s semen. This was submitted as DNA evidence of Anwar’s sexual acts. Anwar denied having anything to do with the mattress, although the DNA tests came out positive. The defense team alleged that Anwar was masturbated while unconscious. Dr. Lim Kong Boon, a doctor during the trial [4], testified that it is possible to massage the prostate gland through the anus in order to stimulate ejaculation in an unconscious victim. The defense council presented this as evidence for police sexual abuse to obtain false forensics evidence to frame Anwar.

Anwar was also accused of corruption relating to the police investigation into and arrest of the author of 50 Reasons. He was also accused of sodomy with his wife’s chauffeur, Azizan Abu Bakar. Judge Augustine Paul wrote 320 page judgment in the case, the longest judgment in the country’s history. [5] In that judgment, he explains the evidence involved and the rulings he made.

During the trial, Mahathir appeared on Malaysian television in a special appearance to explain the arrest of his deputy. This was one of several occasions in which Mahathir declared Anwar guilty of sodomy and homosexual acts, even as the trial still was underway. The government included the statements of the purported victims of Anwar’s sodomy attacks, evidence that was widely considered to be tainted.[citation needed] Furthermore, the prosecution was unable to accurately decide on a date that the alleged acts of anal sex had occurred – the government originally alleged that a sodomy had occurred inside a building that had not been constructed at the time of the alleged event. Furthermore, the Attorney General’s prosecution team (headed by Abdul Gani Patail) also submitted a scenario in which Dr Munawar Anees took an overnight flight from Britain all the way to Malaysia to be sodomized by Anwar, and flew back to Britain after that. The infamous “stained mattress” that was taken in and out of court over 20 times throughout the duration of the trial, was supposedly the same one that Anwar did his homosexual acts and extramarital sex on. However, according to the evidence, the sexual acts had taken place on the mattress a few years ago, and yet the DNA evidence obtained from it were rather recent in age.

On April 14, 1999, Anwar was sentenced to six years in prison for corruption and, on August 8, 2000, nine years in prison for sodomy. The sentences were to be served consecutively, and Anwar was given no credit for the six months he spent in jail during the trial. The following year, Anwar’s corruption conviction was upheld by Malaysia’s Court of Appeal. In July 2002, Anwar lost his final appeal against the corruption conviction in the Federal Court.

In a speech during the proceedings against him, Anwar explained what he believed to be the underlying motive behind his persecution. He told the court: “I objected to the use of massive public funds to rescue the failed businesses of his (Mahathir’s) children and cronies.” Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch expressed doubts about the fairness of the trials. [6] [7] Amnesty International subsequently designated Anwar as a prisoner of conscience. The trial also provoked international criticism. Then-U.S. Vice President Al Gore denounced Anwar’s trial as a “mockery”, but Mahathir rejected all such international criticism as “foreign interference.”[8]

Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah Ismail, subsequently formed Parti Keadilan Nasional (the National Justice Party, later known as Parti Keadilan Rakyat or the People’s Justice Party), which based its platform on campaigning for Anwar’s release and reformasi. At the following general election, the People’s Justice Party performed poorly in the election, only retaining a single parliamentary seat, Anwar’s old parliamentary seat of Permatang Pauh, which was won by his wife.

Release from prison

On September 2, 2004, a panel of three judges of the Federal Court (Malaysia’s highest court) overturned the sodomy conviction by 2 to 1, finding contradictions in the prosecution’s case. However, the judges noted “We find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen.”

Anwar completed his term for corruption after his sentence was being reduced for good behaviour. Although the point was by now moot, an appeal on the corruption charges was heard on September 6, 2004. Under Malaysian law a person is banned from political activities for five years after the end of his sentence. Success in this appeal would have allowed him to return to politics immediately. On September 7, the court agreed to hear Anwar’s appeal. However, on September 15, the of Court of Appeal ruled unanimously that its previous decision to uphold a High Court ruling that found Anwar guilty was in order, relegating Anwar to the sidelines of Malaysian politics until April 14, 2008. The only way for Anwar to be freed from this stricture would have been for him to receive a pardon from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

At the time of his release from prison, Anwar was reportedly suffering from serious back problems, which his family said was the result of the beating by the ex-police chief. However, the UMNO-owned newspaper, the New Straits Times, alleged that the injuries had actually been caused by a fall from a horse in 1993 during Anwar’s tenure as deputy prime minister. His wife had argued during his imprisonment that he required treatment for his condition at a clinic in Germany. The government refused, claiming that such treatment was readily available in Malaysia, offering medical treatment if necessary. However, in September 2004, after the Federal Court quashed his conviction for sodomy, Anwar was free to travel to Munich for back surgery.

Since his release from prison, Anwar has held teaching positions at St Antony’s College, Oxford, where he was a Visiting fellow and Senior associate member and at Johns Hopkins School of Advance International Studies in Washington DC as a Distinguished Senior Visiting Fellow. He is currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. In March 2006 he was appointed as Honorary President of the London-based organization AccountAbility (Institute of Social and Ethical AccountAbility). [9]

In July 2006, Anwar was elected Chair of the Washington-based Foundation for the Future [10]. In this capacity, he signed the October 1, 2006 letter to Robin Cleveland of the World Bank, requesting the transfer of the secondment of Shaha Riza from the US Department of State to the Foundation for the Future. This transaction led to Paul Wolfowitz’s resignation as president of the organization.[11]

Political future

In November 2006, Anwar announced he planned to run for Parliament in 2008, after his disqualification expired. Anwar has been critical of government policies since his release from prison, most notably of the controversial New Economic Policy (NEP), which provides affirmative action for the Malays. The policy sets a number of quotas, such as for units of housing and initial public offerings, that must be met.[12]

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim announcing his intention to contest in a by-election to enter parliament.

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim announcing his intention to contest in a by-election to enter parliament.

He is also the Advisor of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, the party of which his wife Dr. Wan Azizah is president. He was in the forefront in organising a November 2007 mass rally, called the 2007 Bersih Rally, which took place in the Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur to demand clean and fair elections. The gathering was organised by BERSIH, a coalition comprising political parties and civil society groups, and drew supporters from all over the country.

The 2008 election date, however, was set for 8 March 2008, sparking criticisms that Barisan Nasional called for early elections in a bid to deny Anwar’s plans for a return to Parliament. In response, Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, declared that she would step down should she retain her Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat to force a by-election in which Anwar himself would contest.[13]

When asked about the possibility of Anwar becoming the next Prime Minister, former leader Tun Dr. Mahathir reacted by saying rather sarcastically, “He would make a good Prime Minister of Israel”.[14]

On April 14, 2008, Anwar celebrated his official return to the political stage, as his ban from public office expired a decade after he was fired as Deputy Prime Minister. One of the main reasons the opposition seized a third of parliamentary seats and five states in the worst ever showing for the Barisan Nasional coalition that has ruled for half a century, was due to him leading at the helm.[15] A gathering of more than 1,000 supporters greeted Anwar in a rally welcoming his return to politics. Police interrupted Anwar after he had addressed the rally for nearly two hours and called for him to stop the gathering since there was no legal permission for the rally.[16]

On April 29, 2008, after 10 years of absence, he returned to the Parliament, albeit upon invitation as a spouse guest of Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, People’s Justice Party and the first female opposition leader in Malaysian Parliament’s history.[17] Anwar Ibrahim stated he is confident that he can win over enough government legislators in a parliamentary vote in September to end over 50 years of rule by one party. His party will stage a confidence vote on September 16 against Abdullah Badawi and needs the support of just 30 government legislators in the 222-seat lower house of parliament. It hopes to sway ruling party lawmakers from the states of Sabah and Sarawak to oust the UMNO party from power for the first time since Malaysia won independence in 1957. [18]

On July 27, 2008 Anwar Ibrahim said that he aims to return to parliament for the first time in a decade later this year if a court orders a by-election near his home town. The seat mentioned would probably be Kulim-Bandar Baharu constituency next to his hometown of Permatang Pauh in Penang.[19] Anwar Ibrahim on July 31, 2008 said he would contest a by-election for the parliamentary seat of Permatang Pauh vacated by his wife in order to expedite his return to political office. His wife Wan Azizah said she handed her letter of resignation to the parliament speaker on Thursday 31 July. Party officials said the by-election must be held within 60 days. [20]

New allegations of sodomy

On June 29, 2008, online news portal Malaysiakini reported that an aide of Anwar Ibrahim had lodged a police report claiming that he had been sodomised by Anwar. The news has since been updated with reports that SMS messages are being distributed claiming that the person who made the report is Anwar’s aide, Saiful Bahari, who was arrested and allegedly forced to make a false confession. The same text message also claimed the possibility of Anwar being arrested.[21]

Anwar has since denied the allegations claiming that it was made in retaliation for his recent acquisition of evidence that implicates the current Inspector General of the Police, Musa Hassan, and the Attorney General, Abdul Gani Patail, in misconduct including fabrication of evidence used against him during the 1998-1999 trials. [22] [23]

On June 30, Anwar moved into the compound of the Turkish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur at the invitation of Turkish ambassador Barlas Ozener, who denied it and told Foreign Minister of Malaysia Dato’ Seri Dr. Rais Yatim that Anwar had come on “his own accord for a visit”. Rais added Malaysia was concerned that getting protection or shelter from foreign missions would become a trend for those who violated the country’s law.

Wan Azizah Wan Ismail accused the government of orchestrating the allegations, which she condemned as “political murder” against her husband. She produced a photograph of the aide with a staff member of Deputy Prime Minister and said it proved a link of a government conspiracy. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi denied it and stressed that his government was not behind the latest sodomy allegation against Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Anwar. On the allegation by Anwar’s wife where she had shown the photograph taken with a staff member of Deputy Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Razak explained that the picture was taken three months ago when Mohd Saiful went to his office to apply a for government scholarship.[24][25]

Anwar Ibrahim said on June 30, 2008 that he would leave by 11 a.m. British time, and he never sought political asylum, but sought refuge there on “humanitarian grounds”: “If the government gives me a categorical undertaking for my personal safety I will leave (the embassy) now.”[26] To clear his name, Ibrahim filed a lawsuit against his 23-year old male aide who accused him of sodomy, in the Kuala Lumpur High Court.[27] Anwar left the embassy after a meeting between Malaysia’s Foreign Minister, Rais Yatim, and Turkish ambassador Barlas Ozener. He told the Associated Press he had made the decision to leave after the government had made “all the undertakings to assure his personal safety”.[28]

Anwar on July 1, 2008 vowed before 7,000 people at Shah Alam rally in Melawati Stadium to seize power soon, mobilizing his campaign against the government amid the sodomy charge. His road shows will begin with Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya as its first stop. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is also under pressure from some of his own party members in Barisan Nasional to step down.[29] Meanwhile, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar on July 2 classified the crime charged as sodomy, based on a Kuala Lumpur Hospital medical report of anal sex upon the alleged victim, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, an aide. He was a student of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Universiti Tenaga Nasional. The incident allegedly took place at Desa Damansara condominiums, Damansara Heights. Sodomy, even if consensual, is punishable by 20 years imprisonment in Malaysia.[30][31][32]

Criminal Investigation Department director Bakri Zinin on July 7 stated that Anwar’s accuser, Saiful Bahri, who had not been seen in public since July 2, would remain under police protection until termination of investigations.[33] On July 9, 2008, Anwar asked an Islamic court to investigate his former aide. Under Islamic law, anyone making accusations of a sexual crime, such as sodomy, has to produce four witnesses to back up their claim. The witnesses must be credible and male.[34] There was also a unreported police raid at One World Hotel in Selangor, where the police demanded that the hotel release CCTV footage of a connected incident. Details of the raid have yet to be confirmed.

Arrest, detention and release on bail

Malaysian police issued an arrest warrant on July 15 to Anwar Ibrahim, who was formally a suspect in the sodomy crime, a non-bailable offence. Investigating officer Jude Pereira signed and issued the letter requiring Anwar to appear at a police station for questioning before Wednesday at 2 p.m. (0600 GMT). He can be held in custody for up to 14 days, after which he must be charged.[35] Counsel Nair said Anwar agreed to the new request for questioning, amid arrest under the Sodomy Act. Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar demanded that Anwar provide his DNA: “We have taken DNA (from the accuser) so we have to take Anwar’s DNA also.”[36]

On July 16, 2008 Anwar was arrested by a contingent of 10 police cars (half unmarked and half-patrol) with 20 balaclava-clad masked commandos, under Section 377A of the Penal Code, outside his home on July 16, one hour before he was due to make a statement at the police HQ. Earlier, he cut short the interview at the Anti-Corruption Agency HQ to meet the deadline but the police still arrested him. Meanwhile, Malaysian authorities braced for mass protests.[37][38]

According to his lawyer Sankara Nair, Anwar had agreed to meet police later during the day on a sodomy complaint lodged by a former aide, and police had warned they would arrest him if he did not show up. The police did not specify what the opposition leader was being charged with, but that he would be taken to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters. [39] According to his party Anwar has been taken to hospital by the police after his arrest on sodomy allegations, and is believed to be undergoing a medical examination. [40]

Anwar was released without charges filed, by police bail on July 17, after overnight detention, and after recorded statement. Back home in Bukit Segambut, Kuala Lumpur (10.05 a.m.), his lawyers, R. Sivarasa and Sankara Nair, said Anwar must report to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters on August 18.[41][42]

Anwar complained he was locked-up with hardcore criminals overnight and forced to sleep on the cement floor: “It is known that I have a severe back problem and I had a major back surgery before. Lying on the cold cement floor has exacerbated the pain. It was only at 1am when Azizah (wife, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) brought me a towel that I could put the towel on the floor and lie on it.I don’t deserve this. No Malaysian deserves this. Why treat me like a major criminal and public enemy? Short of torture, what else do you call it?” His family doctor had to inject him with a strong dosage of painkiller. R. Sivarasa said the police bail for Anwar’s release was RM 10,000.[43][44]

He had minimal medical tests only at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur and was not required to give a DNA sample.[45]

Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, on July 20 proposed that international experts be used in the investigation against Anwar, for Koh Tsu Koon opined this would prevent falsification of DNA samples. Deputy Police chief Ismail Omar said that the police will not use the 1998 DNA sample collected from Anwar. Kuala Lumpur Hospital Director Zaininah Mohammed Zain said Anwar was not stripped naked in his medical examination.[46] Kuala Lumpur Hospital Director Zaininah Mohammed Zain said Anwar was not stripped naked in his medical examination. Anwar however spoke of his “embarrassment at being ordered to strip naked and ‘measured’ when he was taken to the hospital”. He said: “I was stripped naked and had my private parts examined. They also measured the parts.” His lawyer R. Sivarasa said that a court order to give his DNA sample was not allowed under Malaysian law.[47][48]

Anwar has said that he has an alibi for “every minute” of the day when he is accused of sodomy with a former male aide. He mentioned the allegation is a set-up – a repeat of similar claims 10 years ago for which he was sacked from his post as deputy prime minister, tried and jailed. [49]

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi barred probe participation by Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail and Police Inspector General Musa Hasan, amid investigation by the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) against both. But they will not be suspended.[50][51]

International reaction

Meanwhile former Philippine president Joseph Estrada expressed sympathies over Ibrahim’s arrest. Estrada, through spokesman Margaux Salcedo, said: “Like Anwar, former President Estrada was put in prison for charges that were unjustified and untrue in order to execute a power grab in 2001. It appears that today’s arrest of former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was politically motivated. This appears to be a repeat of what they did in 1998 when they jailed Anwar for sodomy at the height of the protests against then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and released him six years later because he was not guilty.”[52]

The United States said that the arrest has raised serious concerns. The State Department has urged Malaysian authorities to resolve this matter in a manner that builds confidence in the impartial rule of law in Malaysia. Two US rights groups, the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute also expressed concerns about the arrest and hoped the investigation into the sodomy claims was not used as a political tool to silence him. They have questioned the timing of the current allegations amid Anwar’s re-emergence on the national political scene since a ban on his involvement in politics expired in April 2008.[53] US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reiterated the U.S. view that transparency and rule of law must be followed in Anwar’s case. She said the United States had long spoken out in cases deemed to be political in nature and would continue to do so. [54]

Controversy regarding evidence

At 2.00pm on 28 June 2008, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan went to see Dr Mohamed Osman at Hospital Pusrawi to complain about a pain he is suffering in his anus. Saiful told the doctor that he had been assaulted by and sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim. He examined Saiful but found no evidence that he had been sodomised, either by Anwar Ibrahim or anyone else for that matter. The doctor said that there is no skin tearing, no active bleeding, no traces of pus, etc. Which basically means Saiful couldn’t have been suffering from a pain in the anus as what he alleged. Saiful then afterwards said he would like to make a police report so Dr Mohamed Osman suggested he go for a second medical examination at a government hospital. Saiful did so and the doctor at the government hospital also came out with the same diagnosis. In spite of the doctors all confirming that Saiful was never sodomised, the police still pursued the case against Anwar. The police then picked up the Dr Osman and detained him for three days. As much as they tried to force him to change his report to implicate Anwar he refused to do so. [55][56] Although the medical report could not be independently verified, a senior Pusrawi Hospital official told the Internet publication Malaysiakini this morning that the hospital had launched an internal investigation on how Saiful’s medical report was leaked, which is widely considered as a major infringement of patient privacy. When shown the official a copy of the report, the hospital official refused to return it but he didn’t describe it as fake, saying, “It’s our document.” [57]

Anwar Ibrahim demanded Tuesday 29 July, 2008 that police drop a sodomy investigation against him, producing a medical report he said showed no assault had taken place. Anwar reiterated that the allegations by a young male aide, a repeat of charges that saw him jailed a decade ago, have been fabricated to disrupt his plans to seize power from the coalition that has ruled here for half a century. He mentioned that The complainant is an outright liar working hand in glove with those in power to assassinate his character and attempt to derail the Malaysian people’s aspirations for change in Malaysia. [58][59]


Anwar began to raise the stakes in his fight with the government by lodging a police report against its police chief and top lawyer for faking evidence against him in a similar case a decade ago. Anwar claims he has proof that Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail concocted evidence for his corruption and sodomy trials in 1998 and 1999 which kept him imprisoned until he was freed in 2004.[24][60] In retaliation Musa Hassan sued Anwar Ibrahim for alleged defamation on 21 July, demanding unspecified compensation. [61]

On July 3, 2008, Anwar presented allegations which claimed that the Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak, was involved in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case, and called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the matter. He showed a sworn statement by murder accused Abdul Razak Baginda’s private investigator P. Balasubramaniam that claimed police suppressed evidence to protect some personalities, including proof that Altantuya knew Najib.[62]. The private investigator, however, retracted his statement the following day after he was detained by the police for reasons unknown [63] leading to allegations that his retraction was coerced.[64] He and his family has since gone missing leading the family members fearing for his safety to lodge a missing person’s report [65]. The police have since claimed to have initiated a manhunt for the private investigator.[66]

Fuel price debate

On July 6, 2008, Anwar challenged the prime minister and his deputy to debate in the reduction of petrol prices.[67] He told a crowd of 20,000 supporters at an anti-inflation rally that the government should quit over a recent fuel price hike. The stadium was ablaze with demonstrators wearing T-shirts in red, the colour of the protest movement. The fuel price hike has heaped pressure on Abdullah after the March polls which handed the opposition its best ever result — a third of parliamentary seats and control of five states. [68].

On July 15, 2008, Anwar participated in a live televised debate with Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek entitled “Today We Form the Government, Tomorrow the Fuel Prices Will Go Down”[69]. The event was organised by online news portal Agenda Daily and was broadcast live over TV9, Astro Awani and Bernama TV. Anwar said it would only cost the Government RM5bil to bring down fuel prices by 50 sen and continued saying that RM2 billion could be saved by reducing the country’s electricity buffer of 40% to 20%, as the extra capacity only benefited independent power producers (IPP).[70]

Anwar further hit out at the recent increase in fuel prices, saying such drastic measures within a short period had pushed inflation up which is detrimental to the economy and places an unnecessary burden on the people. He said that fuel prices could be reduced if waste from corruption and inefficiency was eliminated. [71] The Minister hit back with several personal attacks on Anwar’s character, including incidents which occurred during Anwar’s time in office.



Saya terbaca satu article dari Time Magazine online yang di tulis oleh saudara Anwar Ibrahim Penasiaht PKR dan PM Wannabe. Sangat terkejut saya bila membacanya.Tak sangka Anwar begitu melulu menuduh orang Islam. USA pun belum rasmi menuduh orang Islam sebagai penjenayah 911 tetapi anuar sudah begitu maju kehadapan.
Anwar menahan diri dari menuduh Ummat Islam sebagai penjenayah 911 apabila berada di dalam negeri tetapi di luar negeri dan di dalam majallah TIME yang glamour, dengan bangga dan kurang sopan Anuar menuduh orang Islam sebagai pengganas yang melakukan 911 walau pun tiada KEPUTUSAN RASMI usa tentang menuduh pelakunya orang Islam. Mengapa Anuar begitu biadap dengan menuduh tanpa bukti nyata bahawa orang Islam yang melakukan 911. Kalau anuar ada bukti , boleh lah Anuar buat testimony dalam USA court dan menjadi saksi untuk menuduh Mohamad Atta atau osama sebagai pengganas yang mengebom bangunan USA laknatullah pada 911.
Anwar juga menuduh Media Malaysia menggunakan peristiwa 911 untuk mengapi apikan kebencian anti usa. Anuar perlu tahu jenayah USA telah lama bermula dari campurtangan menggulingkan kerajaan di Latin America kepada pengkhianatan di Palestine. Ini semua menimbulkan kebencian semua media dunia kepada usa. Adakah Anuar pengampu America great satan atau Anuar cuba menjadikan usa pelindung politiknya.??

Berikut adalah article Anuar Ibrahim yang di siarkan dalam Time Online


Never in Islam’s history have the actions of so few of its followers caused the religion and its community of believers to be such an abomination in the eyes of others. Millions of Muslims who fled to North America and Europe to escape poverty and persecution at home have become the objects of hatred and are now profiled as potential terrorists. The nascent democratic movements in Muslim countries will regress for a few decades as ruling autocrats use their participation in the global war against terrorism to terrorize their critics and dissenters.

This is what Mohamed Atta and his fellow terrorists and sponsors have done to Islam and its community worldwide by their murder of innocents at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The attacks must be condemned, and the condemnation must be without reservation. The foremost religious authorities are outraged and have issued statements denouncing the monstrous murders. All efforts to punish the perpetrators must be supported.

One is therefore perturbed by the confusion among Muslims who responded to the attack with a misplaced diatribe against the U.S. In Malaysia, the government-controlled media have been deployed to stir up anti-American sentiments, while members of the political Elite use a different language for international diplomacy. Certainly there are legitimate grievances against the U.S. and good reason for despondency over the fate of the Palestinians, who now face an even more arrogant Israel. But this is not the time for sermonizing or moralizing over U.S. foreign policy. Had we Malaysians been the victims of such a tragedy, we would find such hectoring tasteless and repulsive.

One wonders how, in the 21st century, the Muslim world could have produced an Osama bin Laden. In the centuries when Islam forged civilizations, men of wealth created pious foundations supporting universities and hospitals, and princes competed with one another to patronize scientists, philosophers and men of letters. The greatest of scientists and philosophers of the medieval age, ibn Sina, was a product of that system. But bin Laden uses his personal fortune to sponsor terror and murder, not learning or creativity, and to wreak destruction rather than promote creation.

Assalamualaikum. Sebelum saya menulis posting ini saya memohon agar Allah swt sentiasa memberi petunjuk kepada saya supaya dapat membincang hal ehwal ummah diatas landasan yang betul dan bijaksana dan dengan tujuan hanya untuk mendapat keridhaan Allah dan kesejahteraan Ummah semata mata. Ameen
Satu perkongsian kuasa UMMAH lebih besar di peringkat negara sangat di perlukan memandangkan sudah terdapat petanda yang jelas percubaan campur tangan USA dan negara bermusuh untuk menggugat atau destablise pemerintahan Umamt Islam di Malaysia. Orang Melayu Muslim masih sanggup berkongsi tanah dengan Cina dan India dengan syarat mereka terus memerintah negara ini. Semua persoalan ini dapat di selesaikan melalui perkongsian kuasa bestari antara PAS dan UMNO demi menjaga kepentingan ummah. Experiment itu boleh bermula dengan Perak , di ikuti dengan Terengganu , Pahang dan MALAYSIA. Namun semua ini bukan nya jalan sehala kerana sebarang pengkhianatan akan di selesaikan dengan penarikan diri dari perkongsian kuasa PAS -UMNO dan PAS akan terus menentukan masa depan nya dengan secara dinamis dan bestari mengikut keadaan yang sentiasa dinamik dan mencabar. Inshallah Allah akan bersama dengan jemaah islam PAS.

Ramai mengatakan mustahil bagi ummat Islam Malaysia untuk bersatu. Ini bercanggah dengan Islam kerana dalam Islam semuanya tiada mustahil kalau di kehendaki Allah. Mereka mengangap mustahil dua kelompok ummat Islam besar , UMNO dan PAS untuk bersatu dan tolong menolong mempertahankan kepentingan ummah. Mungkin ini adalah bukti betapa lama nya ummat Islam tidak bersatu dan berkelahi tanpa henti sehingga melemahkan kuasa mereka dan menyebabkan mereka tidak di hormati. Sebenarnya ummat Islam telah berkelahi setiap hari selepas merdeka ini telah menjadikan kita lemah, kerajaan milik ummat islam di sabotaj oleh golongan tertentu dan kita dipandang hina.

Tawaran UMNO perak untuk berkongsi kuasa dengan PAS adalah satu peluang experiment politik yang tidak sepatutnya di lepaskan oleh PAS saperti juga kita bereksperiment dengan PR dalam PRU12. Dalam hal kongsi kuasa dengan umno sekarang PAS tidak akan mengalami risiko politik kerana PAS tidak akan rugi apa apa dalam konteks PR hanya merupakan pakatan longgar untuk memastik satu lawan satu dalam RRU12. Dari segi Islam kedua PR dan BN adalah pakatan SEKULAR. Saya akan analisa mengapa perkongsian kuasa PAS dan UMNO adalah menguntungkan dan beretika.

Saya mulakan dengan ayat Quran yang sangat jelas tentang penting kita bekerjasama atas birri wa taqwa , kebaikan dan taqwa . Maka jika terdapat satu entiti yang menawarkan kemungkinan kerjasama kebaikan dan taqwa tambah tambah lagi perkara yang berkaitan kekuatan ummah maka ia hendaklah tidak di tolak

Pakatan satu kelompok serumpun di atas ISLAM adalah satu perkara yang amat di galakkan. Ini menepati ayat quran ‘Wataawanu ala birri wa taqwa wa la taawanu ala ismi wal udwan”. Berpakatlah atau bekerjasamalah kamu atas kebaikan dan taqwa dan jangan kamu berpakat atau kerjasama di atas dosa dan kejahatan. Maka kita juga setuju dengan statement ketua pemuda PAS , akhi Salehudin saperti di lapor” Ketua Dewan Pemuda Pas Pusat, Salahuddin Ayub berkata, pada dasarnya beliau bersetuju dengan cadangan tersebut kerana ia membawa kebaikan untuk orang Melayu dan Islam di negara ini.”

Pihak DAP mengatakan langkah PAS mahu berbincang dengan UMNO adalah rascist atau perkauman. Ini adalah langsung tak masuk akal kerana matlamat politik sebarang masyarakat samaada kaum Melayu, Cina , India adalah untuk menjaga kepentingan masyarakat mereka di negara majmuk saperti di Malaysia. Semua berhak menjaga kepentingan masyrakat masing masing termasuk DAP MCA MIC atau parti di Sabah dan Serawak. Walau bagaimanapun usaha untuk menjaga kepentingan masyrakat tidak lah perlu di biarkan menjadi satu krisis antara kaum. PAS menjaga kepentingan ummat Islam dan itu tidak boleh dipersoal oleh DAP. MCA pun agak bersetuju dengan langkah PAS berbincang dengan UMNO berkaitan orang Melayu kerana MCA sendiri mengakui kestabilan politik Malaysia sangat bergantung kepada kestabilan politik Melayu Muslim dalam keadaan semua kebebasan kaum dijaga.
Pihak PKR dan setengah pemimpin PAS yang tidak berapa setia dengan pimpinan PAS pula mengatakan ini adalah PENGKHIANATAN terhadap Pakatan Rakyat dan ramai orang bukan Islam mengundi PAS bukan kerana Islam dalam PRU12. Mahfuz sendiri sebagai Ketua Penerangan pun tidak berupaya menunjukkan kesetiaan kepada pemimpin PAS dan mengatakan seolah beliau terpaksa berbohong. Apakah ini satu tindakan bertanggungjawab mempertahankan logik pimpinan dalam menyelesaikan masaalah ummah yang lebih besar dari populariti jarak dekat Mahfuz .
Tuduhan ini pun satu perkara yang tidak betul kerana dalam PRU 12 , PAS di undi kerana manifesto piliharaya nya dan semua tahu bahawa PAS adalah parti islam, bermatlamat menegakkan negara Islam dan manisfesto nya di tulis dengan semangat matlamat asal PAS ia itu menengakkan negara Islam . Kalau di lihat dalam Manisfesto PAS dalam PRU12 , semua yang di janjikan itu semua di buat berlandaskan Islam, hanya nama Islam saja tidak di nyatakan dalam cogan kata Islam Untuk Semua.
Pihak PKR atau Anuar Ibrahim juga tidak boleh menganggap kongsi kuasa PAS dan UMNO ini satu perkhianatan kerana Pakatan Rakyat sebenar adalah perjanjian longgar untuk mewujudkan perlawanan satu lawan satu dan tidak pernah pun di mati stamp untuk menjadikan nya legally binding. Kalau kita ikut perkembangan PRU12, perkataan Pakatan Rakyat itu pun datang dari cadangan salah seorang blogger dan terus di ambil pakai. Sebelum ini pakatan pembangkang di kenali dengan Gagasan Rakyat dan pakatan ini pun tidak di mati stamp dan legally binding . Pakatan Rakyat dan Gagasan Rakyat adalah sama dari segi status iatu pakatan longgar untuk mengelakkan bertindih tempat berlawan dalam PRU.
Mengapa Pakatan Rakyat di buat begitu rupa ada sebabnya dan sejarahnya. Pakatan Rakyat tidak di kuatkan dengan sengaja kerana DAP tidak mahu ianya di kuatkan kerana bagi DAP, mereka tidak mahu mengulangi KESILAPAN mereka pada PRU 10 apabila mereka membuat Gagasan Rakyat dengan PAS dan kalah teruk dalam piliharaya. Karpal dengan terang terang memberitahu seluru Malaysia dan dunia, DAP kalah pru10 kerana gagasan rakyat dengan PAS.
Oleh itu walau pun PAS dan pemimpin ulama nya di sumpah dan di maki oleh blogger saperti Raja Petra, Hishamudin Rais dan Aduka Teruna,dengan mencarut dan kartun yang menghina ulamak , status Pakatan Rakyat tetap tidak rasmi dan tidak di mati stamp dan DAP pun tidak langsung berminat untuk menjadikan PR satu entiti yang perlu di perkuatkan selepas PRU12. Lihat saja statement DAP yang tidak henti henti mencampuri hal ehwal PAS dan sikap kerajaan DAP Pulau Pinang memberi sebarang kuasa politik kepada PAS.
Perlu di ketahui bahawa langkah DAP merestui MB PAS Perak adalah langkah terdesak dan langah tiada pilihan apabila undang undang negeri memerlukan MB Melayu Muslim dan tokoh PKR tidak begitu berwibawa untuk menyandang nya. Akhirnya MB Perak hanya menjadi rubber stamp kepada semua perkara yang di setujui oleh exco DAP termasuk memberi tanah percuma kepada bekas kominis di Kampong Baru Perak dengan status tanah yang di cadang kepada 999 tahun yang sangat bersifat provokasi kepada orang Melayu.

Kalau di tolak semua teriakan , jeritan , makian dan sorakan, dari segi status politik , PAS bebas untuk memilih sesiapa saja menjadi rakan kongsi politik SELAGI ianya dalam ruang linkup MENJAGA MASLAHAH UMMAH DAN ISLAM dan tidak bercanggah dengan pelembagaan parti PAS.
PR dan BN adalah dua entiti politik yang sama sekular dan PAS bebas memilih pakatan politik yang paling menguntungkan ummah dan Islam. Tidak ada dalam kamus politik , sesuatu kelompok tidak bebas bertindak demi menjaga kepentingan masyarakat mereka walau pun selepas piliharaya atau selepas PRU12. MCA bebas bergabung dengan DAP dan GERAKAN dan MIC bebas bergabung dengan PPP dan KIMMA. Itu adalah tanggungjawab pemimpin masyarakat masing masing untuk membuat keputusan. Walhal Anuar Ibrahim yang tidak berparti pun bebas menggunakan nama PAS DAP dan PKR untuk mengancam dan mengugut musuh politiknya.
Keenganan MCA untuk bergabung dengan DAP bukan kerana benci tetapi kerana MCA berfikir kepentingan orang Cina lebih terjamin apabila berada bersama UMNO kalau berbanding berada dengan DAP. PAS pun sepatutnya meniru bagaimana MCA berpolitik demi untuk menjaga kepentingan masyarakat Cina.
Jika masa depan orang Melayu Muslim lebih selama apabila berkongsi kuasa dengan UMNO maka PAS mesti melakukan perkongsian kuasa dengan UMNO. Perkongsian kuasa dengan UMNO tidak lah bermakna PAS menyetujui ideologi dengan UMNO. Ianya serupa dengan penyertaan PAS dan MAPEN sebelum ini . Yang beza nya kita mendapat sedikit dari kuasa federal dan dapat menggunakan budget federal untuk kebaikan negara dan ummah. Jjika PAS dan UMNO mahu di bubar saperti nasihat Tok Guru dan mungkin menjadi PARTI MELAYU MUSLIM yang berlandaskan Islam itu lebih baik. Di Mesir pun pernah Ikwanul Muslimin sebuah parti politik Islam bergabung dengan parti nasionalis Wafad untuk menahan pengaruh socialist Mesir dan mendapat 10 kerusi dalam parlimen mesir.

After the elections, in May 1984, the New Wafd party’s tactical alliance with the Ikhwan gave ten seats to Ikhwan members in the National People’s Assembly
Selepas pilihanraya May 1984 kongi kuasa Ikwan dengan Partu Wafd Baru memberi 10 kerusi kepada Ikwan dalam National peole assembly.

Ada yang membangkitkan masaalah etika politik. Kita dari parti Islam, maka etika atau betul dan salah mesti berlandaskan Quran dan Sunnah. Menjadi tugas Majlis Shura untuk memutuskan halal dan haram dari segi hukum berkongsi kuasa dengan parti saperti UMNO dan dari segi etika politik pula , asalkan niat berkongsi kuasa adalah untuk kejahteraan masyarakat maka niat yang baik itu sudah cukup menjadikan ianya beretika walau pun berlaku masaalah dalam proses melaksanakan niat yang baik itu.
Dari segi politik PAS sudah tidak ada masa depan dengan Pakatan Rakyat kerana semua komponent politik telah tidak menghormati PAS dalam tindak tanduk mereka selepas pru12. Bagi mereka yang mengikut perkembangan politik hari ke hari, DAP dan PKR menganggap PAS hanyalah tukang sorak dan pengacau dan blogger PAS hanya di ugut menjadi tukang serang dan tukang ampu DAP dan PKR. Kita tidak akan akur dengan kehendak sumbang ini. Blogger PAS mempunyai etikanya sendiri dan nilai Islam mereka sendiri dan bersikap bebas tidak terikat kepada sesiapa. Yang malang nya pemimpin PAS dan Tok Guru Pas hanya lah dijadikan tukang sembahyang hajat. Semua urusan politik di atur oleh DAP dan PKR.
Experiment kongsi kuasa PAS dan UMNO beretika saperti yang di katakan di atas dan ia menjadi satu experiment yang baik untuk kearah negara yang stabil, islamic, tanpa rasuah dan ummah centrik dalam keadaan hak semua kaum di hormati termasuk hak parti politik dalam komponent BN.
Satu perkongsian kuasa UMMAH lebih besar di peringkat negara sangat di perlukan memandangkan sudah terdapat petanda yang jelas percubaan campur tangan USA dan negara bermusuh untuk menggugat atau destablise pemerintahan orang Melayu di Malaysia. Orang Melayu masih sanggup berkongsi tanah dengan Cina dan India dengan syarat mereka terus memerintah negara ini. Semua persoalan ini dapat di selesaikan melalui perkongsian kuasa bestari antara PAS dan UMNO demi menjaga kepentingan ummah. Experiment itu boleh bermula dengan Perak , di ikuti dengan Terengganu , Pahang dan Kelantan. Namun semua ini bukan nya jalan sehala kerana sebarang pengkhianatan akan di selesaikan dengan penarikan diri dari perkongsian kuasa PAS -UMNO dan PAS akan terus menentukan masa depan nya dengan secara dinamis dan bestari mengikut keadaan yang sentiasa dinamik dan mencabar. Inshallah Allah akan bersama dengan jemaah islam PAS.
Saya menulis ini hanya sebagai cadangan kepada pemimpin PAS dan ahli mesyuarat yang akan bermesyuarat esok dan segala yang baik itu dari Allah dan yang buruk itu dari nafsu saya sendiri dan bisikan syaitan yang di rejam. Saya memohon ampun kepada Allah andai kata tulisan saya ini tidak di perkenan oleh Nya dan sebagai hamba yang berakal dan bertanggungjawab dengan masaalah umah , hamba yang lemah ini terus juga menulis di ruang cyber yang luas ini. Ameen.
Akhir sekali saya mengucapkan selamat bermesyuarat esok kepada Pemimpin tertinggi PAS , Ulamak dan pemimpin PAS mewakili semua dewan dan semoga Allah bersama kita dan merestui segala apa yang di putuskan bersama atas niat untuk mencari keredaan Allah. Ameen.


Politik Orang Cina Malaysia selepas 50 tahun merdeka

Saya tidak pernah menulis tajuk yang sebegini besar dan penting . Namun pembacaan yang meluas dan pengalaman yang mencukupi serta penting nya kepada kefahaman sebenar tentang tajuk ini telah menyeru saya untuk membincangkannya dengan secara realist dan intelektual . Gerakan politik orang Cina amat kompleks sekali dan penuh dengan gabungan yang tersirat dan tersurat. Orang Cina pun terkenal dengan sikap ‘secretive’ dan ‘subtle’ nya .Membuat satu generalisasi mungkin satu perkara yang merumitkan kerana masyarakat Cina adalah masyarakat minoriti yang sentiasa menggunakan pragmatism untuk mencapai objektif kelompok. Mereka pula mempunyai falsafah hidup yang berbeza walaupun dalam kelompok yang sama. Ada yang modern liberal , ada yang modern radikal dan ada yang conservative radical. Masyarakat Cina pula sudah menjadi sophisticated dengan segala tips and trick untuk survive di negara yang mempunyai sejarah yang jelas bahawa mereka adalah kelompok immigrant hasil dari dasar penjajah yang mengggunakan buruh asing untuk memajukan jajahan takluk.
Terdapat banyak persamaan politik orang Cina di negara lain dengan Malaysia tetapi di Malaysia orang Cina amat bernasib baik dari segi status politik dan ekonomi setelah Malaysia mencapai kemerdekaan. Mereka di beri keistemewaan politik dan ekonomi yang boleh dikatakan sama dengan penduduk tempatan. Liberalisasi Malaysia telah meletakkan ramai orang Cina menjadi menteri utama dan hartawan yang kaya raya.
Masyarakat Cina wujud di Indonesia , Thai , Vietnam, Pacific Islands, USA , UK , Canada dan Australia dan tingkah laku mereka berbeza beza bergantung kepada polisi negara tuan rumah terhadap mereka. Kekuatan tuan rumah bergantung rapat dengan aktivisme masyarakat Cina dalam politik , ekonomi dan social. Sifat ke Cinaan yang tinggi sentiasa di kekalkan dalam bentuk budaya , demographic dan pertuturan.
Kebuluran dan kemiskinan di zaman penjajahan telah membawa orang Cina ke Tanah Melayu dan Indonesia sebagai buruh murahan kepada penjajahan Inggeris. Pengalaman berniaga di kampung asal telah menyebabkan masyarakat Cina cepat menguasai bandar dan segala urusan tranksasi ekonomi Tanah Melayu dan Indonesia. Walau pun orang Melayu sudah pun berniaga di bandar besar namun mereka hanya tertumpu di pasar dan gerai kecil . Masyarakat Cina mula membina deretan kedai papan dan batu sebagai premis perniagaan apabila mereka sudah dapat mengumpul modal yang cukup. Pertukaran idea perniagaan di antara keluarga dari tanah Cina hingga ke luar negara yang lebih maju telah menyebabkan masyarakat Cina lebih mahir dengan mengexploit dan memonopoli peluang perniagaan yang wujud di Singapura , Penang , Ipoh dan bandar lain. Kehadiran bank saudagar turut membantu masyarakat Cina dari segi pengaliran modal. Sistem perkapalan dan forwarding di wujudkan untuk mengerakkan barang dari Tanah Melayu ke Singapura dan di edar keseluruh dunia. Singapura menjadi hub perniagaan orang Cina .
Kepesatan monopoli perniagaaan di tanah melayu telah menyebabkan timbul perasaan ‘ a sense of power ‘ di kalangan masyarakat Cina sehingga kaum Melayu di anggap sebagai malas, bodoh , tidak kreatif dan hanya menjadi pelanggan yang boleh di manipulasi. Psychology ini begitu tebal sehingga ia diwarisi secara indirect dari generasi ke generasi. Sikap orang Melayu me’ya’kan persepsi ini menyulitkan lagi keadaan sehingga pemimpin Melayu sendiri terpengaruh dengan persepsi nagative ini sehingga sekarang. Kadang kadang orang Melayu tidak boleh keluar dari psychic kerana sikap pemimpin Melayu yang menerima apa yang di persepsikan oleh orang Cina terhadap orang Melayu.
Orang Cina mula bertambah konfiden dan mula mengembangkan kuasa politik melalui kongsi gelap haram dan persatuan persatuan cina . Semua in telah memberi satu sense of autonomy dan power untuk mempengaruhi kuasa politik yang ada samaada di tangan penjajah atau di tangan kepimpinan melayu. Sampai sekarang kongsi gelap wujud tetapi ia lebih sophisticated .
Pada masa yang sama berlaku kebangkitan rakyat yang kuat di kalangan orang Melayu yang menuntut kemerdekaan dan membiarkan dulu masaalah monopoli orang Cina di selesaikan kemudian. British telah mensyaratkan parti Cina dilibatkan dalam parti yang akan menyambut kemerdekaan iaitu Perikatan .Dari sinilah bermula politik ‘pressure group ‘ cina yang kuat terhadap UMNO yang perlukan undi Cina untuk menhadapi pengaruh saudara mereka sendiri dari parti pembangkang. Di bawah Jepun orang Cina di layan dengan buruk dan ini menyebabkan mereka memberontak melalui parti Komunis. Parti Komunis terus menentang kerajaan selepas merdeka namun di patahkan oleh orang Melayu dan kaum bukan Melayu yang anti komunis. Sikap menentang kerajaaan memerintah parti Komunis masih wujud dalam pemikiran orang Cina , buka dalam bentuk parti Komunis tetapi dalam bentuk lebih halus melalui platform yang berlainan. Dari segi sejarah orang Cina di Selatan Cina , penentangan terhadap kerajaan pusat telah kuat didalam budaya mereka akibat perebutan kuasa istana.
Persoalan nya timbul , mengapa orang Cina di Indonesia boleh di asimilisasi atau di integrasiakan dalam masyarakat melayu tetapi tidak dengan orang Cina di Malaysia. Jawabnya , ia terletak pada kepimpinan. Kepimpinan Indonesia kuat kerana mereka mendapat kemerdekaan tanpa di beri syarat oleh penjajah tetapi di Malaysia penjajah yang menentukan format kemerdekaan. Yang keduanya ialah sense of power. Di Indonesia , 270 million adalah terlalu kuat bagi orang Cina indonesia untuk mengambil risiko membuat desakan tetapi di Malaysia orang Cina merasakan mereka mempunyai kekuatan yang agak kuat untuk membuat desakan. Oleh itu boleh dikatakan aktivism masyarakat Cina di negara luar bergantung kepada kekuatan pemimpin politik negara dan kekuatan rakyat tempatan .Sikap singapura terhadap Malaysia dan indonesia dalam politik sekarang pun berbeza. Orang Cina di USA dan Australia , di zaman awal penghijrahan orang Cina , dilayan semacam hamba .Sikap White Power telah menyekat masyarakat Cina dari membuat desakan dan ramai berhijrah kenegara lain.
Politik orang Cina di Malaysia selepas 50 tahun mula daring dan adventurous. Desakan dari DAP , MCA telah tidak ada bezanya melainkan platform berbeza. NGO orang Cina pula senada dengan parti politik Cina cuma mereka hanya bermain tarik tali sehingga tuan rumah merasa letih. Atau kita boleh umpamakan politik orang Cina saperti kapal selam di laut. Kadang kadang ia mematikan enjin untuk mendengar deruan engin lawan dan kadang kadang mereka mengangkat telescope dan menterpedo karam kapal lawan. Rasuah dan kecelaruan politik tuan rumah telah banyak menguntungkan masyarakat Cina dalam mencatur politik mereka .
Namun masyarakat Melayu bukannya statik dan mereka juga evolve politically dan ekonomically dengan secara agressive . Sekarang sudah timbul ketidakpuasan yang tinggi terhadap kepimpinan melayu yang ada tetapi orang melayu lebih berhati hati membuat perubahan kerana takut perubahan akan membawa satu akibat yang lebih mudharat kepada kuasa politik mereka. Yang ketara nya , kebangkitan Islam dan ummat di seluruh dunia ekoran penjajahan Barat kali kedua terhadap dunia Islam telah memberi mereka ‘wake up call’ untuk mengetahui kawan dan lawan dan untuk berdikari dalam menentukan nasib mereka di bumi mereka sendiri. Sebarang percaturan foolish dan bodoh dari masyarakat Cina Malaysia akan membawa natijah buruk kepada Malaysia dan semua tidak mahukan nya.
* satuperjuangan: sebenarnya dalam konteks politik negara sekarang, orang Melayu perlu sedar akan mainan politik khususnya kaum Cina. Bidang Ekonomi dan pendidikan yang menjadi teras dalam sesebuah negara telahpun dikuasai oleh kaum Cina cuma kuasa politik masih lagi belum dikuasai. Perbalahan yang berlaku di antara pimpinan Melayu/Islam termasuk UMNO, PAS serta PKR (yang dipimpin oleh Melayu/Islam tapi bawa perjuangan melayu/Islam?) hanya akan menguntungkan kaum Cina dan India. bukan bermaksud untuk bersifat perkauman tetapi sifat dan budaya Melayu yang menjadi tunjang pembinaan negara Malaysia semakin terhakis. inilah yang sebenarnya yang mereka mahukan sebenarnya, dengan menghilangkan pengrauh Melayu dalam apa jua dasar dan kepentingan negara.


Sebelum ini saya pernah mengulas berkenaan penulis ini. Betapa beliau kelihatan begitu padat dengan maklumat dan fakta berkenaan PAS seolah-olah beliau orang dalam parti. Sesungguhnya saya memang kagum dengan gaya tulisan dan ulasan Joceline Tan dari The Star, cuma kebelakangan ini saya lihat beliau begitu kaya dengan maklumat yang saya yakin ramai pimpinan dan aktivis PAS sendiri pun tidak tahu.

Apa agenda Joceline hanya beliau dan sumber yang menyuapnya dengan maklumat-maklumat itu sahaja yang tahu?

Saya katakan saya kagum dengan akses Joceline terhadap apa yang berlaku dalam kelambu PAS kerana Joceline dengan “confident” menulis:

At a central committee meeting three weeks ago, while Hadi began to defend the move to talk with Umno, he found that he could not speak and began coughing and gasping for breath. His aides quickly arranged for him to be ferried to hospital.

(Dalam satu mesyuarat JK PAS Pusat 3 minggu lepas, semasa Hadi sedang mempertahankan usaha untuk berbincang dengan Umno, beliau (tiba-tiba) dapati dirinya tidak boleh mengeluarkan suara dan mula batuk-batuk serta menghadapi kesukaran bernafas. Para pembantunya segera mengejarkannya ke hospital)

Masalah kesihatan pemimpin tertinggi PAS yang hanya diketahui oleh kalangan yang beramanah dan rapat dengan beliau sahaja, boleh sampai kepengetahuan Joceline untuk dijadi rencah tulisan!

Dan Joceline menulis bahawa Tuan Guru ketika itu sedang MEMPERTAHANKAN usaha berbincang dengan Umno, seolah menampakkan Tuan Guru lah yang beria-ia mahu berbincang dengan Umno, apa yang mencetuskan keperluan untuk berbincang, asas-asas, dalil dan nasnya tidak pula dibawa. Seolah sebagaimana yang dipopularkan oleh mereka yang prejudis terhadap Tuan Guru Presiden PAS, beliaulah yang “terhegeh-hegeh” mahu berbaik dengan Umno.

Dan yang paling sinis adalah apabila Joceline menyambung:

Some of those present saw it as a divine omen.

Bermakna ada yang hadir (dalam mesyuarat PAS Pusat itu) menganggap keuzuran Tuan Guru Presiden itu sebagai amaran atau petanda dari langit (“omen” mengikut kamus Inggeris – sign, warning, premonition)

Bermakna disamping penganalisa, dengan bantuan sumber yang menyumbatnya maklumat itu, Joceline telah menjadi pentafsir isyarat dari langit, dan boleh membaca bahawa Tuan Guru Presiden kita tiba-tiba keuzuran kerana menerima amaran dari langit!

Saya tidak bimbang langsung tentang bacaan politik dan analisa yang dibuat oleh Joceline berdasarkan sumber yang beliau perolehi dari kawan rapatnya, soal kononnya Timbalan Presiden PAS Ustaz Nasharudin dan Pesuruhjaya Terengganu Dato Mustapha Ali akan ditembak hidup-hidup dalam muktamar PAS di Ipoh nanti kerana mungkin demikianlah yang dikehendaki oleh kawan rapat Joceline. Atau apabila Joceline menyatakan yang para ulamak kanan PAS seperti Dato Dr Haron Din, Ustaz Daud Iraqi, Ustaz Harun Taib (yang Joceline gelar “ultra conservative’) bersungguh mempertahankan rundingan dengan Umno, kerana begitulah yang mahu kawan beliau gambarkan kepada umum. Tetapi yang saya tidak senang adalah apabila Joceline cuba membuat andaian (mungkin dengan bantuan kawan rapatnya) bahawa Tuan Guru Presiden PAS sudah tua dan uzur, beliau menulis:

Besides, the ageing PAS leader has not been in the best of health

Mengapa faktor umur dan kesihatan Presiden dimainkan sebagai isu? Mungkinkah beliau mahu (dengan membantu agenda kawannya) menyampaikan mesej bahawa Presiden PAS sudah terlalu tua dan selalu sakit-sakit, dan pula nak berbaik-baik dengan Umno, musuh nombor wahid PAS, maka layaklah beliau ditukar, begitu?

Ramai lagi dalam PAS yang lebih uzur dan berumur dari Presiden parti. Malah untuk berlaku adil, Presiden PAS sebaya dengan bakal PM Pakatan Rakyat yang tak pula pernah disebut sebagai “ageing”.

Segala persepsi saya berkenaan Joceline ini mungkin tidak benar, mungkin saya terlalu emosional mahu pertahankan Tuan Guru Presiden maklumlah saya Setiausaha Akhbarnya, terpulanglah. Tetapi sebagai seorang ahli parti yang berjuang dan aktif dalam parti secara konsisten (ketika ada pimpinan yang belum pun masuk PAS atau aktif dalam jamaah lain) saya ditarbiyah oleh jemaah untuk taat dan patuh pada beliau selagi mana beliau tidak memimpin membelakangkan syariah.

Alfadhil adinda Ustaz Nasruddin Tantawi dalam blognya dengan jelas menerangkan:

Menjadi kaedah asas dalam gerakan Islam atau mana jua organisasi bahawa pengikut mestilah mentaati arahan pemimpinnya. As Sam’ u wa taah ( dengar dan taat ) terhadap arahan dan kehendak pemimpin dalam perkara yang tidak mengundang kepada maksiat atau mungkar adalah suatu tuntutan bagi amal Islami .

Ketaatan kepada pemimpin dalam gerakan Islam bukan bererti kongkongan yang hanya melahirkan ahli yang patuh membabi buta atau membuta tuli . Tetapi untuk mewujudkan sebuah gerakan yang lancar dan berkesan dalam tindakan . ( sebab itu pemimpin mesti dilantik atau dipilih dikalangan yang terbaik sebab pemimpin mesti dipatuhi dan ditaati .)

Sungguh malang bagi sebuah organisasi yang mempunyai pemimpin dan pemimpinnya dipilih oleh ahlinya sendiri tetapi kemudiannya pemimpin itu tidak dipatuhi , tidak dipercayai malah dicaci maki oleh pengikutnya sendiri .
Benarlah apa yang pernah disebut oleh Saiyidina Omar al Khattab :

Tiada Islam tanpa jemaah, tiada jemaah tanpa kepimpinan dan tiada kepimpinan tanpa ketaatan

Apakah sudah bermula agenda untuk menyerang pimpinan dan melupuskan konsep Kepimpinan Ulamak yang sama-sama kita bantu dan bina itu? Mungkin tidak, mungkin segala maklumat Joceline ini beliau perolehi terus dari langit, berwaspadalah.

(Ini merupakan artikel terbaru saya untuk ruangan “Menongkah Arus” di Harakahdaily)

Selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat tertinggi PAS Khamis lepas, Presiden PAS Dato Seri Tuan Guru Hj Abd Hadi Awang telah mengisytiharkan antara lain bahawa PAS akan terus terbuka untuk mengadakan perbincangan dengan semua pihak demi kepentingan negara dan ummah.

Sebagai sebuah parti Islam (antara parti tertua dalam negara selepas Umno), yang telah diasaskan untuk memperjuangkan agenda Islam di tanahair ini, agaknya apakah kepentingan negara dan ummah yang belum selesai yang masih mahu PAS bincangkan dengan sesiapa sahaja yang berkepentingan?

Kata Tuan Guru sebutlah apa istilah sekalipun, muzakarah, muqabalah, yang pentingnya PAS akan terus merintis jalan perbincangan dengan semua pihak. Apakah lagi yang mau PAS bincangkan itu?

Menolak tepi apa sahaja sentimen, lebih-lebih lagi spekulasi jahat dan agenda peribadi puak-puak tertentu, semua pihak sedar bahawa PAS dalam senyap mahupun zahir tidak akan sekali-kali menyampingkan apalagi menggugurkan dasar perjuangan Islamnya ke arah perlaksanaan Islam sebagai satu sistem hidup bermasyarakat dan bernegara. PAS telah lama berjuang mempertanhankan prinsip ini malah sampai keperingkat Majlis Raja-raja Melayu, yang pernah memutuskan yang PAS boleh terus dengan gerakan politik Islamnya.

PAS berjuang digelanggang politik di Malaysia sejak sebelum Merdeka lagi. Malaysia bukan Turki yang mungkin sesuai dengan politik AKP atau Indonesia yang mungkin padan dengan politik PKS hatta Palestin yang mungkin cocok dengan politik HAMAS. Lanskap politik Malaysia unik serta berbeza dan diukir oleh rakyatnya sendiri sejak lebih 50 tahun lalu. Demikianlah juga politik PAS.

Ternyata prinsip Islam yang PAS pegang, tidak pernah dikompromi samada semasa PAS memerintah mutlak dua negeri di Kelantan dan Terengganu (1959 kerajaan campuran) pada tahun 1959 dan 1999 ataupun semasa PAS tinggal 1 kerusi Parlimen dan 2 DUN di Kelantan. Prinsip Islamlah yang telah menarik ramai menganggotai PAS dari tahun ke tahun malah sehingga sanggup hidup dan mati berjuang untuk Islam melalui PAS.

Prinsip Islam ini semakin diperteguhkan lebih dua dekad lalu apabila PAS bersetuju bernaung di bawah konsep “Kepimpinan Ulamak” yang merupakan kelongsong yang mengikat PAS untuk terus bergerak di atas “orbit Islam”, tanpa ada kemungkinan untuk tersasar atau sesat. Malah komitmen dan iltizam ke arah itu dapat dilihat kemudiannya dengan pindaan terhadap Perlembagaan parti itu dengan mewujudkan badan tertinggi iaitu “Majlis Syura Ulamak” yang akan memastikan halatuju parti sentiasa tegas dan tetap atas agenda Islam.

PAS yang ada pada hari ini adalah rentetan dari pengukuhan ini dan “Kepimpinan Ulamak” lah tunjang yang telah mencairkan hati sanubari umat Islam dan malah masyarakat Malaysia sehingga memungkinkan PAS berada di tempatnya pada hari ini. Berbeza dengan kelompok dan parti lain, PAS dibina atas kekuatan rohani dan jasmani ahli dan pimpinannya. Kekuatan dalaman di bawah bimbingan, amalan dan doa tidak putus-putus para ulamak yang gigih dan konsisten inilah yang telah meletakkan PAS pada posisinya hari ini.

Lalu berbalik kepada persoalan di atas, sudah pastilah PAS mahu membincangkan bagaimana Islam dapat berperanan dalam masyarakat dan negara. Bagaimana institusi-institusi Islam dapat dibela dan diberi nafas untuk berperanan dalam masyarakat. Ianya perlu dizahirkan, dan hanya melalui perbincangan dan komitmen PAS yang kebetulan hari ini dikurniakan Allah swt dengan sedikit kuasa politik, barulah PAS dapat berpuas hati kerana memain peranan.

Saya masih ingat semasa PAS punya 1 kerusi di Dewan Rakyat, ketika negara pada saat itu membincangkan soal pindaan perlembagaan bagi mengawal kuasa Raja-raja Melayu (di zaman Tun Dr Mahathir/Musa), saya masih ingat Tuan Guru Nik Abd Aziz bangkit berhujah di Dewan Rakyat dengan hujah Islam berlandasakn nas al Quran dan Sunnah. Tidak silap saya Pak Subky Latif ketika itu ada menerbitkan buku kecil berkenaan pendirian PAS itu.

Takkanlah sekarang PAS dengan berpuluh jumlah kerusi di Parlimen, MB di 3 buah negeri dan memiliki wakil di hampir kesemua dewan negeri-negeri kecuali Melaka, Sabah dan Sarawak (jumlah ADUN-ADUN PAS adalah teramai dikalangan parti-parti pembangkang), tiba-tiba suara Islam semakin kecil dan kita seolah terpaksa berhati-hati mahu menonjolkannya.

Kerana itu PAS melihat perbincangan ini penting, tak kira dengan siapa asalakan ia nanti mampu membuahkan hasil yang menguntungkan Islam,umatnya dan negara.

Kita mahu berbincang tentang perlaksanaan Islam khasnya dikalangan masyarakat Meayu dan penganut Islam (sekurang-kurangnya), kita mahu melihat tahanan ISA dibebaskan dan ISA itu sendiri dikaji semula, kita mahukan badan kehakiman yang adil berteraskan keadilan Islam, kita mahu segala gejala rasuah dan salah-guna kausa yang diharamkan oleh Islam dibenteras dan dihapuskan, kita mahu bantuan per kapita kepada sekolah-sekolah agama bukan sekadar dikembalikan malah diperingkatkan lagi, kita mahu institusi masjid dan surau semakin diberi otoriti untuk berperanan dalam masyarakat, kita mahu isu murtad ditangani menurut Islam, kita mahu sekolah-sekolah pondok dan semua institusi pengajian Islam sampai ke Universiti Islam ditambah di perkasa dan dipertingkatkan pasarana dan kemudahannya, kita mahu segala bentuk maksiat (judi, arak dan lain-lain) dikawal dan dibendung, kita mahu saudara-saudara baru Islam dibela dan diberi bantuan dan bimbingan sehingga mereka nanti mampu menarik lebih ramai dari kalangan mereka untuk bersama Islam, kita mahu Islam diberi peluang diperjelaskan kepada masyarakat bukan Islam sehingga ia tidak lagi dibimbangi atau dicurigai, kita mahu institusi Raja-raja Melayu yang dipertanggungjawab mengawal Islam semakin kemas dipertahankan dan sudah pasti senarai ini berjela-jela lagi sehinggalah PAS berpuas hati matlamat perjuangannya mampu tercapai.

Kerana itu PAS sebagai parti Islam perlu terus mara ke hadapan, namun dalam waktu yang sama memastikan yang pegangan Islamnya kemas terikat dan tidak tercicir dalam meniti langkah-langkah seterusnya itu. Insyallah bersama melangkah di bawah “Kepimpinan Ulamak”.

Roslan SMS corner

Berasaskan maklumat terbaru yang dikirimkan kepada blog ini malam ini, jumlah cawangan UMNO di seluruh negara yang berani meluluskan usul mendesak bahagian masing-masing supaya menyanggah kepimpinan Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi – sama ada supaya proses peralihan kuasa dipercepatkan atau Abdullah tidak lagi dicalonkan semula sebagai Presiden UMNO Malaysia – kini meningkat kepada 88.

Hari ini juga Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Cawangan Jalan Perdana, dalam Bahagian Puchong dan Pergerakan Wanita UMNO Cawangan Seksyen 12, dalam Bahagian Shah Alam, kedua-duanya di Selangor, telah meluluskan usul mendesak bahagian masing-masing membawa usul supaya proses peralihan kuasa daripada Abdullah kepada Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dilakukan dengan seberapa segera.

Jika usul oleh kedua-dua pergerakan ini diambilkira, jumlah keseluruhan cawangan akar umbi yang menyanggah kepimpinan Abdullah adalah 90.

Menurut satu e-mail, UMNO Cawangan Jalan Khamis, dalam Bahagian Kapar, Selangor, yang bersidang pada malam 2 Ogos 2008, telah meluluskan usul mendesak bahagiannya mencalonkan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin ke jawatan Presiden UMNO.

Blogger Zeme yang sering mengirimkan info terkini mengenai persidangan cawangan di seluruh negara pula menyatakan bahawa limabelas cawangan UMNO dalam Bahagian Tumpat, Kelantan – satu daripadanya Cawangan Padang Pohon Tanjung – telah sebulat suara meluluskan usul mencadangkan kepada bahagiannya supaya Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dicalonkan ke jawatan Presiden UMNO.


Zeme juga memberitahu blog ini bahawa UMNO Cawangan Jitra, Bahagian Kubang Pasu, Kedah, meluluskan satu usul yang menarik, iaitu meminta Bahagian Kubang Pasu mencalonkan Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim sebagai Presiden UMNO dan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO.

Blogger Kedah Youngster pula melaporkan bahawa UMNO Cawangan Sri Pantai, Bahagian Kuala Kedah, Kedah, yang bersidang hari ini telah meluluskan usul dengan sebulat suara mendesak Abdullah meletakkan jawatan sebagai Presiden UMNO sebelum pemilihan parti Disember 2008 ini.

Pemuda UMNO Cawangan Jalan Perdana, bahagian Puchong, Selangor, dalam persidangannya pada 2 Ogos 2008, mengususlkan bahagian itu menggunakan Fasal 14.5.3 bagi mengemukakan usul ke peringkat Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2008, meminta tempoh agar peralihan kuasa daripada Abdullah kepada Najib dilakukan mulai 1 Januari 2009.

Pergerakan Wanita UMNO Cawangan Seksyen 12, Shah Alam, dalam Bahagian Shah Alam pula membawa usul supaya UMNO Shah Alam mendesak proses peralihan kuasa daripada Abdullah kepada Najib disegerakan mulai Disember 2008. Pergerakan itu juga mengusulkan supaya UMNO Bahagian Shah Alam mencalonkan Najib sebagai Presiden UMNO dan Mahyuddin sebagai Timbalan Presiden UMNO.

Sementara itu, Persidangan UMNO Cawangan Telok Mengkuang, dalam Bahagian Kuala Langat, Selangor, telah membuat satu usul tergempar mendesak agar peralihan kuasa Abdullah epada Najib dipercepatkan kepada 1 Disember 2008.


Saya telah membaca seluruh usul oleh Pemuda UMNO Jalan Perdana, Bahagian Puchong, dan Wanita UMNO Sekyen 12, Bahagian Alam. Kedua-dua usul mereka dihujah secara rasional dan intelektuil demi agama, bangsa dan tanahair.
Contohnya, antara rasional untuk menyokong usul Pemuda UMNO Jalan Perdana adalah seperti berikut:

Satu: pentadbiran negara kini telah dipengaruhi oleh mereka yang berkepentingan peribadi (sehingga) menyebabkan banyak keputusan yang dibuat gagal mengambilkira kepentingan umum serta ahli UMNO.

Dua: Kelemahan kepimpinan UMNO kini memberikan persepsi kepada ahli UMNO bahawa negara ini seolah-olah dikuasai oleh negara asing, seperti Singapura serta kroninya, Israel.

Tiga: Kekalahan teruk UMNO dalam pilihan raya umum 2008 adalah disebabkan wujudnya kelemahan dalam pentadbiran yang diterajui oleh Abdullah.

Wanita UMNO Cawangan Seksyen 12, Shah Alam, pula merasional usul mereka seperti berikut:

Satu: PRU 12 adalah paparan jelas kehendak rakyat Malaysia yang mahukan perubahan dan tanda-tanda kebangkitan rakyat menolak kepimpinan Abdullah. Rakyat yang menyambut cabaran Abdullah telah membuktikan melalui peti undi, bahawa mereka mahukan perubahan dan usaha yang lebih komited untuk memperbaiki keadaan ekonomi dan sosial dalam negara.


Dua: Pertama kali dalam sejarah Malaysia merdeka, UMNO dan kerajaan Barisan Nasional menjadi begitu lemah. Malangnya, sehingga kini tidak ada usaha-usaha yang menyerlah, menyeluruh dan benar-benar ikhlas untuk mengembalikan kekuatan dan kegemilangan UMNO dan BN.

Tiga: Abdullah sebagai Presiden UMNO dan Perdana Menteri Malaysia dilihat sebagai seorang yang lemah, tidak berkemampuan, mengamalkan kronisme dan nepotisme. Keadaan ini tidak boleh dibiarkan berterusan kerana ia akan menghakis kepercayaan rakyat terhadap kepimpinan Melayu secara umum dan menyebabkan huru-hara dalam negara. Untuk memastikan kesinambungan kepimpinan Melayu dan UMNO terus perkasa dan agar kestabilan berkekalan, kepimpinan perlu ditukar dan diperbaiki supaya orang Melayu kembali dihormati oleh semua peringkat kaum dalam negara dan seluruh dunia.

Empat: Kelemahan pentadbiran dan pucuk pimpinan negara telah menjejaskan nama baik Malaysia di mata dunia. Malaysia kini tidak lagi dianggap sebagai salah satu ‘Tiger Asia’ tetapi semakin berundur ke belakang menjadi negara dunia ketiga. Malaysia kini tunduk dengan kemahuan kuasa asing. Malaysia kini takut untuk bersuara kerana suara kita adalah ‘suara yang sumbang’ dan lemah. Abdullah telah diberi peluang selama 4 tahun untuk membuktikan kewibawaan beliau sebagai pemimpin dan mentadbir negara berdaulat ini. Malangnya beliau gagal dan akibatnya rakyat menjadi mangsa. Sekiranya 4 tahun masih gagal, bagaimana beliau boleh meyakinkan rakyat bahawa beliau mampu untuk melaksanakan tugas memperbaiki kepincangan negara untuk 2 tahun lagi?

Demikianlah suara Pemuda dan Wanita UMNO daripada Selangor. Bagaimanapun, anggota Wanita UMNO Cawangan Seksyen 12, Shah Alam, yang mengirimkan e-mail ke blog ini mengenai maklumat di atas mengeluh seperti berikut:


“Kami yang menolak Abdullah dan membawa usul Najib sebagai Presiden dan Muhyiddin sebagai Timbalan Presiden seolah-olah menjadi musuh dan pembangkang dalam UMNO. Kami diarah buat laporan oleh SB. Alangkah susahnya hidup di negara sendiri. Solah-olah kini Malaysia diperintah oleh diktator kuku besi!”

Saya telah meminta penjelasan mengenai penglibatan SB seperti di atas, dan inilah jawapannya:

“Saya tak pasti sama ada ini adalah lazim (bagi) setiap mesyuarat tahunan. Namun, selama 2 penggal saya di cawangan belum pernah kena buat laporan dan isi borang yang diberi oleh SB kepada saya selepas setiap mesyuarat agung. Semalam, selepas mesyuarat Wanita, saya diarah isi borang dan buat laporan termasuklah memasukkan usul yang dikemukakan. Ini atas arahan SB.”

Sekali lagi kita terdengar mengenai polis atau SB membabitkan diri dalam persidangan cawangan UMNO. Saya harap ini tidak benar. Tetapi, jika ini benar, harap insafilah bahawa warga UMNO akar umbi adalah bersuara secara demokratik dan selaras dengan Perlembagaan UMNO. Jika tindakan seperti ini pun mahu diganggu-gugat, terserahlah kepada warga UMNO untuk bertindak dengan sewajar-wajarnya demi kepentingan agama, bangsa dan tanahair.

Selamat berjuang dan salam takzim. – Ruhanie Ahmad